Best Product For Cleaning Dogs Teeth

VitaHound research has discovered a spray that is specially formulated to end plaque and tartar buildup in a dog’s mouth, and the all-natural ingredients kill harmful bacteria on contact. Untreated harmful bacteria can leak into a dog’s bloodstream distressing the health of the heart, kidney, and liver. In addition to avoiding expensive canine dentistry the regular cleaning of your dog’s teeth helps your dog avoid long term chronic disease.
Cleaning a dog’s teeth regularly eliminates harmful bacteria and facilitates fresh and hygienic breath in your dog’s mouth. It is not necessary to brush when cleaning a dog’s teeth, but the Petzlife oral care sprays and gels will work faster if you brush every 4th day. Our beloved dogs are living longer and receiving preventative health care along with advanced disease treatments. A dog’s oral health is more important than ever, the health of their teeth and gums provides a high quality of life long into their senior years.

Dr. Susan Maier 18 Year D.V.M. Comments on Petzlife

Petzlife Oral Care has worked on my patients that have had severe tartar and gingivitis

PetzLife Sprays & Gels:

  • Clean Ugly Brown Plaque from Teeth
  • Prevent Periodontal Disease
  • Prevent Oral Cavity Infections
  • Avoid Expensive Vet Dentistry
  • Provides Fresh Hygienic Breath

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