When using supplements to add essential vitamins to your dog’s diet, knowing what substances the supplement is using as a source for the vitamins is important. Vitamins are derived from these substances using a multi level biochemical process that occurs in the intestines and liver. Various digestive problems your dog may have can limit the nutritional value of a vitamin supplement. The closer a substance is to the vitamins most active form the less it depends on the proper function of a dog’s biology.

A large percentage of the factors that get in the way of supplements working is the quality of the supplement itself. Much like other products there are countless choices of manufacture and the ingredients they use. The quality of a dog vitamin supplement should be measured by the ingredients used as the source of the vitamins. The highest quality dog vitamin supplements contain substances that provide the vitamins their most active form. The best of the best supplements also use a combination of substances that have synergistic relationship to increase the positive biological effects of the vitamins they provide. Dog Vitamins are extremely important for your dogs health and should be chosen carefully many products are absolutely useless to your dogs health.