grain_sorghum_large_file_3Sorghum is a native African grass, the species are the most important food crop in Africa, Central America, and South Asia and is the “fifth most important cereal crop grown in the world”. There are several species of the plant, all have similar nutrient content. Sorghum Ground Grain is the ground seed of the plant, the processing is necessary to allow for digestion. Higher in protein and lower in fat content than corn this substance is a nutrient rich filler in any animal feed product. Nutrients derived from this food are vitamin B6, Potassium, and manganese. Sorghum has the ability to effect the dog’s total digestive tract starch digestibility by 20 percent. The increase significantly improves the dog’s capacity to benefit from grains in their diet.

VitaHound’s research has uncovered a very important aspect of the grass.Sorghum’s starch-protein matrix is considerably more resistant to moisture and enzyme penetration than corn or other grains. This creates an optimal filler for the active probiotic, enzyme blend of the VitaHound formulation.