Taurine is a little known substance other than its popularity as the main ingredient in popular energy drinks. Taurine is a sulfur-containing organic acid although the primary sources are meat and fish it is not incorporated into muscle protein. It is present in all cell membranes, it makes up 50% of the amino acid pool in the myocardium it plays a major role in the normal functioning of electrically excitable tissues such as the heart and brain. Taurine’s major benefits are: lowering blood pressure, protecting the heart muscle and emulsifying fats. Taurine can suppress renin which leads to lower blood pressure. The substance aids in the formation of taurocholic acid, a bile salt that breaks down cholesterol. It helps regulate intracellular calcium levels, protecting heart muscle from intracellular calcium imbalances. This substance is one of the ingredients showing up in a lot of commercial dog foods, and our staff’s preliminary research is encouraging. Another aspect of taurine is the purity of the nutrient; the closer a substance is to being a chemical element the closer the substance is to working at the cellular level. We intend to heavily research and report on this substance.