VitaHound has researched a variety of its sources to determine how long owners should expect their dogs to live.  VitaHound recently commissioned a professional research team specializing in dog and cat research.  Heading up our project was a 30 year expert in animal surgery and dog trainer obedience.  The numbers for expected life spans are determined by the breed.  Very large dogs are expected to live 9-12 years, medium size such as labs 12-14, and smaller dogs such as terriers 14-16 years.  Our research has found dog nutrition products will dramatically improve a dogs health, but improving the life span of a dog has more to do with the level of activity during a dog’s life.  The ability of a dog to remain active is dependant on the avoidance of wearing out of joints/bone disease, cancer, tumors, heart disease, diabetes etc.    VitaHound believes owners who are truly interested in their dogs nutrition should first focus on the dogs digestive system.   Dog supplements provide the probiotics a dog’s digestive system needs to be healthy, bestowing the vitality a dog needs to remain active as they age.  This activity in later years will lend a hand in extending you hounds life beyond the norm.   Dog nutrition products such as supplements will endow your much loved hound a healthy full life.

Dog health care still relies on anecdotal claims; natural dog food has never been in a position to provide the research necessary to establish standards about proper dog diets.  Individual nutrients do have enough research to validate measurable benefits to a dog’s health.  Dog nutrition products make dog health care a reality for owners seeking a healthy life for their dog.  VitaHound  is an enthusiastic  forum for the devoted dog owner, so please visit often, we know you will value this organization.