Superior dog supplements target the inflammation that overwhelms various organ systems in the canine physiology. Identifying natural substances that contain inflammation healing properties correlates with the compounds ability to boost the dog’s immune system. Herbal extracts provide the greatest promise as an ingredient that provides supplement formulations with anti-inflammation properties.
Wheatgrass is a naturally growing tall grass that is reported as an effective herbal remedy for inflammation in canine anatomy. Research has shown the grass can rid a dog’s digestive system of toxins, and improve blood sugar levels in the dog’s gastrointestinal tract.
The green liquid extracted from the grass is high in vitamins A, B, C, and E. It has only about 10 to 15 calories per teaspoon, has no fat or cholesterol, and contains about a gram of protein per teaspoon. Raw forms of the grass contain 70% chlorophyll (the substance that makes grass green), chlorophyll helps purify the body by counteracting toxins. It also is said to reduce inflammation, such as arthritis and stomach ulcers, and nourish the blood. The common activity of dogs eating grass is based the healthy sensation their digestive system experience from the chlorophyll ingestion.
Canine nutritional supplements may not include the grass or extracts of the substance based on the laxative side effects when first consumed.