Bad Breath in Dogs

VitaHound research has discovered all natural compounds capable of ending bad breath in dogs; the integration of these organic antiseptics and anti-bacterial agents into powerful formulations provides superior oral care for dogs.

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Bad breath in dogs is disdained by many dog owners but remains an enormously common condition of the modern dog. Bad breath in dogs is medically identified as halitosis this term identifies the condition of a dog’s breath having a foul odor. Halitosis is so common in dogs people are under the impression it is normal for a dog’s breath to be unpleasant. The reality is bad breath in dogs is a symptom of a dog’s poor oral health and indicates the presence of periodontal disease and or gingivitis. Untreated the harmful bacteria builds up producing plaque in a dog’s mouth, the result is inflamed gums and infections that create bad breath in dogs. In addition to the damage harmful bacteria causes a dog’s teeth and gums it can travel into a dog’s bloodstream distressing the health of the heart, kidney, and liver.
Utilizing our recommended oral care products not only eliminates bad breath in dogs it helps avoid expensive canine dentistry and reduces the odds your dog will experience long term chronic disease. By simply applying the advanced formulated oral care products VitaHound recommends you will eliminate harmful bacteria and facilitates fresh and hygienic breath in your dog’s mouth. It is not necessary to brush when cleaning dog teeth, but it will work faster if you brush every 4th day. Cleaning dog teeth is more important than ever for your dog’s quality of life, providing them with oral hygiene maintains the health of their teeth and gums and eliminates the bad breath allowing owners to enjoy the closeness with their beloved dogs long into their senior years.


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