Cleaning a Dog’s Teeth Provides Prevention

A vital aspect of the dog’s physiology is its dependency on various bacteria to assist in a combination of biological operations. A canine’s oral health is highly reliant on the existence of so called beneficial bacteria, the content of canine saliva is absent of any enzymes producing a relatively stable environment for bacteria to exist. The presence of harmful bacterium establishes the conditions for an unhealthy mouth by allowing the buildup of plaque on a dog’s teeth and gums.
The plaque in a dog’s mouth consists of colonies of bacteria, mixed with saliva, blood cells, and other bacterial components. Dental Tarter, or calculus, occurs when plaque becomes mineralized (hard) and firmly adheres to the tooth enamel then erodes the gingival tissue. These unhealthy conditions may lead to severe stages of periodontal disease and can severely affect your dog’s health.

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The brown coloration on your dog’s gums and teeth is plaque, plaque lives in colonies and infects the surrounding gum tissue, beyond the severe consequences to a dog’s health, the bacteria is the cause of their foul breath. Plaque eventually leads to periodontal diseases, including infections that introduce endotoxins into the bloodstream causing stress throughout the dog’s body.

The harmful bacteria that results in periodontal disease, distresses nearly seventy percent of dogs. This overwhelming stat creates tough odds for dogs as they age. Since the bacteria that causes periodontal disease also negatively effects a dog’s GI tract, the practice of cleaning your dog’s teeth is vital to their health.

Naturopathic products for cleaning dog teeth are highly effective when used daily. Seek out products with no harsh chemicals, no sugar, no artificial dyes, flavorings, preservatives, or fragrances. You will be applying the product daily with the primary objective of eliminating destructive bacteria, and you do not want to be introducing other toxins via the product you choose. Dog owners need to choose products that include the ingredients chlorophyll, parsley, and mint. Plant oils are also beneficial rose mary, thyme, and neem are known to inhibit the growth of bad bacteria and viruses.

The debate over fluorides safety continues but it is widely accepted as a substance not safe for use on dogs.

Naturopathic approaches to cleaning dog teeth utilize plant enzymes which function to breakup plaque. The enzyme glucose oxidase and lactoperoxidase applied daily to a dog’s teeth and gums will break down newly formed tarter before it hardens. Cleaning dog teeth needs to be done daily, VitaHound recommends treating a dog’s teeth with superior dog oral care products including PetzLife Oral Care sprays and gels.