VitaHound’s growth is generated primarily via the testimonial and recommendations of dog loving customers. Please send us your experience with the VitaHound Daily Supplement and we will post it here on our site. Listed below is few letters and emails we received recently, the statements below are genuine customers that decided to share their opinions, our staff values our customers opinions above all.

VitaHound’s Daily Supplement has absolutely improved my lab Harry’s vigor. He no longer has oily skin with an odor. His energy levels are back to puppy levels. Thank you for this wonderful product.
Kathy 7/24/2012

Dear VitaHound, I wanted to let you know your supplement is working way beyond our expectations, our dog’s skin is healthy for the first time in her life. Please send us any promotions on your product for further purchases via our email.
Jamie 4/15/2012

I am “Parent” to 2 Collies and Lab. I treat them like my children and when it comes to their nutrition, only the best will do. I tried many dog supplements before my sister-in-law introduced me to VitaHound. I am so happy with this supplement, I will never give my dogs anything but VitaHound from now on. The dog’s coats are shiny and soft and they’ve never been healthier. Most importantly, they love the taste. All three lick their bowls clean. I can’t tell you how happy I was when I saw that a recent blood test on my lab indicated his health issues had almost disappeared. I highly recommend this great product.
Karen 11/01/2011

Thank You for a wonderful product. Our puppies allergies have improved to the point that they have stopped the excessive scratching. My parents have just ordered, hopefully they will have results worth writing you about also.
Gary 10/18/2011

Thank you so much for providing such a great supplement for our dogs. I was told by a friend months ago about your product and decided to give it a try. Not only has my dogs coat become very shiny her runny eyes have also stopped. Our lab Mickey continues to improve each month, his itchy skin is almost completely disappeared, and sleeps through the night without scratching. I will be recommending VitaHound to all my friends.
Jon 8/12/2010