VitaHound’s ground breaking research in dog nutrition has grown into the industry’s leading library of articles on the subject. Our sites loyal readership of dog lovers continues to grow worldwide and our rising success is born out of a true commitment to developing and discovering products that provide dogs a long and healthy life.

Our organization’s combination of expert advice and ongoing research has established VitaHound as the standard in the pet nutrition industry. Our Mission at VitaHound is to offer a robust source of dog nutrition info in addition to our dog nutrition supplements. VitaHound’s formulation features specific joint and anti-inflammatory ingredients; this is highly beneficial to a dog’s physical condition.

Digestive care is equally important to a dog’s health and VitaHound is formulated with the highest quality probiotics, allowing dogs to make the best of any commercial dog food their owner may be feeding them. Our multi-active ingredient approach is far superior to our competitors who feature only a few active ingredients. Additionally, each of VitaHound’s ingredients is a full dose far exceeding the amounts other products have to offer.

VitaHound is not a human supplement labeled for a dog. Our research staff has launched many successful supplements, and they now have utilized those same pioneering methods to develop the VitaHound Daily supplement for dogs.

VitaHound was specifically designed and tested by our staff of dog nutritionists. Your hound will love the taste, and sprinkling the correct amount is easy with our clear instructions on how to figure your dog’s proper dose. The preventative maintenance will begin to slow cartilage deterioration and improve the digestion of vital vitamins and minerals.

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