Nature intended our dogs to be STRONG and ENERGETIC animals, biologically designed to be vigorous carnivores. VitaHound’s Daily Supplement allows the modern canine diet to fulfill nature’s intention. Digestive care is most important to a dog’s health and VitaHound is formulated with our exclusive probiotic enzyme blend, allowing dogs to make the best of any commercial dog food their owner may be feeding them. Our staff’s unparalleled research in canine nutrition has created the ultimate formulation. Your dog will develop a vigorous digestive system the bases for a canine’s overall health and essential to eliminating their allergies, our step in raising a healthy hound. VitaHound’s blend of agriculture grade nutrients is not available in any simple pet store product, be assured the potency of this product will significantly benefit your dog’s overall health and free them from food allergies while on a diet of everyday dog food.

Supplement Dog

Reported Benefits:

  • Ultra Healthy Function of Digestive System
  • Reduce Excessive Shedding & Smelly Odor
  • Alleviate Allergies
  • Relieves Itching & Scratching
  • Restore Skin and Coat to Healthy Condition

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Feed 1 serving for every 30lbs of your dog’s body weight (4 max)

  • 90 Servings

  • $35

    $8.00 Shipping

  • 180 Servings

  • $60

    $10.00 Shipping

  • 360 Servings

  • $100

    $15.00 Shipping