VitaHound’s organization was founded to dramatically improve the availability of modern dog health science. The VitaHound Corporation is staffed with research experts dedicated to the discovery and development of dog health care products and information. Our site provides current articles regarding dog health, nutrition and the products that best deliver results. The pet industries humanization of pets is an attempt to both improve pet care and treatment while increasing the amount of money people are willing to spend on these new members of the family. Dog loving groups ranging from university veterinarian research departments to knowledgeable dog groomers are attempting to meet the growing demand for information on improving their canine’s quality of life. It’s not surprising the modern dog owner is willing to spend the time, effort, and money to improve their beloved hounds well being, however the majority of these resources are spent with the owner’s veterinarian. In other words, dog owners are still waiting until their dog’s physical condition is noticeably affected by an ailment before seeking a remedy. The term “dog symptoms” is googled 165,000 times a month while “dog health care” is only searched 33,000, prevention still lags treatment among dog owners interest. VitaHound’s objective is to accommodate the growing market of dog owners seeking a life style of prevention and healthy habits for their pooches. Our staff monitors a wide variety of organizations in the canine medical research and information industry, unfortunately one commonality in these organization’s forums is the lack of information on the most current dog health science. Owner’s enthusiasm for their dog’s health and well being has created a market for information on modern canine health care, diet, and products; however the growth of this market is blunted by the desire of groups providing information in this market to constantly recommend older unappealing methods of care. A recent article in Dog Fancy magazine represents the missed opportunity to help dog owners adopt modern dog health care approaches; in their Healthy Dog section they printed an article titled MAGGOT THERAPY. The article described the use of medical-grade maggots to sterilize wounds and assist the healing process, while this type of stuff is interesting it distorts the perception of owners that a modern approach either exists or is the most prudent means to canine health. VitaHound experienced this barrier while promoting the practice of always taking a dog’s temperature when an owner suspects their hound is not feeling well. The first step in supporting and improving your dog’s health is knowing how he feels. Canines instinctively try to hide signs of weakness from illness, exhaustion, or even injury. For this reason owners need a quick method to determine if there hounds are not feeling well. This method is taking a dog’s temperature, in fact your dog’s temp is as good as having a talking dog to determine how he is feeling. IF you google ” taking a dog’s temperature” all ten first page listings are articles explaining the method of taking a dog’s rectal temperature; requiring 2 people and petroleum jelly. A $40.00 pet ear thermometer is just as if not more effective, an animal’s ear drum is an accurate measure of an animals body temperature. The point is if your dog is slow to get up when you summon him for a walk, are your going to be motivated to check his temperature, not if you’ve referenced the so called authority websites for the proper method. VitaHound believes while the 17 million monthly google searches of the term “health care” are aimed at human health care the 80 million households that own cats and dogs are currently looking for reliable sources of modern health care information to apply to a healthy lifestyle for their hounds. VitaHound’s readers are consistently discovery valuable dog health care research along with easy to understand instructions on how to best utilize the findings.