Bad Dogs Breath Remedies

The VitaHound research staff has applied their knowledge in canine oral health to discover the most advanced formulation on the market for cleaning a dog’s teeth. The all-natural ingredients eliminate damaging bacteria on contact, getting rid of the plaque and tarter buildup that leads to bad breath and periodontal disease in most dogs. These highly effective sprays and gels are simple to use making them perfect for a daily routine aimed at always keeping your dog’s teeth and gums healthy. Cleaning a dog’s teeth routinely eradicates damaging bacteria and allows for fresh and hygienic breath in your dog’s mouth. It is not required to brush when using the PetzLife Oral Care sprays and gels however they will perform speedier if you brush every 4th day. Our beloved dogs are living longer and the care of their teeth and gums will significantly boost their health and well-being long into their senior years.

Bad Dogs Breath Remedies:

1. Reduce Harmful Bacteria in Blood Stream 2. Prevent Oral Cavity Infections 3. Prevent Perodontial Disease 4. Ease Inflammation in Gums 5. Natural Ingredients Provide Great Breath

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bad dogs breath


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