ThundershirtThere are a wide range of approaches for treating canine anxiety; several companies including Novartis, Petzlife, and Thundershirt have developed very different remedies for the modern dog’s behavioral conditions. For example; none drug therapies involve calming restraints while human style treatments utilize pharmaceuticals. Today’s veterinarian may have special training in assessing and treating dog behavioral problems, however their guidance for successfully treating anxiety varies greatly.

The best treatments are holistic in nature and allow the dog owner to use regularly. Natural calming formulations do not contain the harsh drugs present in many of the treatments prescribed by the veterinarian profession. Furthermore anxiety disorders are becoming the number one concern for a growing number of dog owners, therefor it is important for dog owners to trust in the efficacy and safety of the products they feed their dogs.

The primary causes of anxiety involve thunder, fireworks, separation, traveling, and the introduction of new dogs to the family. An anxious dog will show his fear in several ways. It is up to responsible dog owners to recognize a dog’s stress and take steps to either desensitize the dog, or protect them from stressful situations. Our research indicates the Petzlife formulation @-Eaze is extremely effective and safe for calming your dog’s nerves.

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