Powerful Canine Oral Care Sprays and Gels

The modern dog owner is discovering the effectiveness of all-natural canine oral care products; leading brands include Plaque Attack and Petzlife. However, VitaHound’s research reveals Petzlife’s formulation to be far superior to other products, including Plaque Attack. Recent discoveries in the bio-chemistry of dental plaque have led to breakthrough treatments. These new powerful sprays and gels actually remove the existing plaque and tarter on a dog’s teeth and prevent its return. Ingredients include innovative combinations of natural antibacterial agents that integrate into a dog’s saliva killing plaque causing bacteria below the gum line; continued use maintains a healthy level of bacteria creating a high level of oral health.
Plaque AttackPetzlife products are developed and manufactured in state of the art facilities designed specifically for extracting the purest and most effective forms of natural compounds, this process assures the product’s high quality and efficacy. PetzLife’s determination to produce the #1 canine oral care product is the reason their advanced formulation utilizes the top 6 natural compounds recently discovered to prevent and treat plaque and tarter on a dog’s teeth, whereas other products attempt to treat with harsh chemicals or synthetic antiseptics.

Plaque Attack

PetzLife Sprays & Gels:

  • Clean Ugly Brown Plaque from Teeth
  • Prevent Periodontal Disease
  • Prevent Oral Cavity Infections
  • Avoid Expensive Vet Dentistry
  • Provides Fresh Hygienic Breath

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